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Meet The Bands

Local Favorites


Journey Tribute Trial by Fire

A Festival Favorite

Trial by Fire is born out of the hearts of five Seasoned North Carolina based musicians who's vision is to bring the 1996 Trial by Fire tour to Journey fans across the country: Trial by Fire takes you back to the earlier days when lighters were held high, and you couldn't help but sing along to such powerful choruses as "Don't Stop Believin", "Whell in the Sky", "Lights", "Separate Ways" and "Faithfully"

Problem Child

AC/DC Cover Band

A Local Tribute to AC/DC that brings the Thunder to every show! Don't sleep on these guys or you will miss a great time.

problem child.jpeg

Rude Mood Band

Rocking Blues Band

Rude Mood is a band from western North Carolina who are dedicated to keeping Blues music live through the support of their fans. RMB is pure, unimaginative attitude and what is attitude but the essence of moods. When the attitude comes at you with an intensity that shakes you to the core, well, you get... Rude Mood! For 25 years RMB has combined its musical virtuosity with a sense of fun on stage to provide its hardcore blues fans with a great performance!

Will Easter and The Nomads

A Unique Blend Of Genres

Coming of age in a hardworking, musical family, living in Harmony with the land and the river, Will Easter's passion for music may have been a given, but his talent and lyricism is what has him sharing then stage with acts like Jim Avett, David Childers, Time Sawyer, Brooks Forsyth and Danger Muffin. Will's album, Carolina Home, will take you on a Journey from growing up to love both lost and found, working hard while finding peace in the everyday, always culminating on the winding road leading home!


Josh Perryman Band

A Favorite Among The Local Music Scene

Josh Perryman has been a favorite in Dooley's for the past 17 years and brings such emotion to his shows.  Whether its his own spin on a classic song or others joining to jam along, the shows are never a let down.

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